Over the past seven years, I have spoken with countless residents from Post 2 and throughout the County about their concerns, questions and suggestions. This is the most important aspect of serving the public, since it is through communication that I gain an understanding of what the citizens of Paulding County really need and want. Your involvement helps steer me the right direction, so I can best serve you and the County we all call home.

As both a citizen and Commissioner of Paulding County, I have discovered through our interactions that I have many of the same concerns as you do. Ever since the 2013 announcement of the proposed commercialization of our County’s general aviation airport, the political climate has been turbulent in a way Paulding has never seen before. The secrecy and backroom dealings of the former Board of Commissioners, Airport Authority and Industrial Building Authority have brought attention to unethical officials and boards within our county. As a result, it has never been more evident than it is today just how crucial it is to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions, and I encourage you to do so. I believe it is the right and responsibility of the citizens to demand accountability from local leaders, no matter who they are, because the decisions our elected officials make today will affect our community for a lifetime.

In the past 27 years, I have seen our county go through many growing pains, as many of you have. I want to thank you for all the input I’ve received since I took office, in your effort to make Paulding County a great place to live. I promise to continue being an open, honest and transparent government official, who will always remember that I work for you. I will continue being your voice to ensure the next defining decisions result in positive outcomes for our community. Together, we can secure the prosperity of Paulding County for your children, my children, and many generations to come.



  • Responsible Citizen
  • Privileged to Serve the Community
  • Committed to the Success of Paulding
  • Ethical Government Leader Since 2011
  • Inspires People to Work Together
  • Promotes Interpersonal Relationships
  • Holds Elected Officials Accountable
  • Driven to Achieve Goals
  • Accomplishes Tasks Efficiently
  • Good Steward of Available Revenues
  • Reducing Expenditures to Balance Budgets
  • Promotes Decisions with Positive Outcomes for the Community as a whole
  • Giving of Time and Resources
  • Community Leader
  • Local Business Owner



Family has always been my priority and anchor in life, and I could not be prouder or more blessed than to be a part of my wonderful family.  Julie, my beautiful wife of 25 years, and I have five incredible sons, three amazing daughter-in-laws, and seven adorable grandchildren.  Three of our sons and three grandsons live in Paulding County, as does my mother-in-law, brother, his wife and children.  Julie and four of our boys are Paulding County High School graduates, with our youngest having graduated this past May.

Julie and I are blessed to live and work in Paulding County, which allows us to be close to home and involved in our community and church.  We have been members of Bethany Christian Church since 2014.  Julie, a dental hygienist, has worked for Distinctive Dentistry for twenty-one years.  I have been a real estate broker for the past fifteen years and own my own business, Premiere West Realty located in Dallas.  I have also proudly served Paulding County residents as Post 2 Commissioner since 2011.

Being productive members of our church and community through volunteerism is a priority in the Pownall Family.  Julie and I do our best to live by example in hopes of encouraging our children to learn the importance and satisfaction of giving back to their community.  Some of the many events our boys have taken part in are Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society, church mission trips, the building of West Ridge Church during our thirteen year membership, beautifying roadways through litter pickup, volunteering for special church events, and helping individuals in need in various ways.  As a family, we have opened our home to less fortunate children through foster care, and fostered 13 children over a 10-year period, while adopting two.  These efforts have helped mold our children into responsible citizens who understand the value of volunteerism.

Julie, our two youngest sons, and I live on a small farm on Cole Lake Road. It is also home to two horses, chickens and two dogs, including Praylee, our incredible service therapy Labrador.  We love living in Paulding County, particularly Post 2, and are honored to call so many of you friend.