The Dallas New Era ~ March 20, 2018

Todd Pownall, Post 2 Commissioner and friend of Paulding County, has proudly served Post 2 with honor and gratitude since 2011.  Striving to fulfill the needs of Paulding County for the past 7 years has earned Todd the recognition he deserves – a true servant of the people whose dedication to the wellbeing of Paulding County is beyond reproach.  His exemplary leadership in open, honest and transparent government, along with sound decision making, and an understanding of the importance of a cohesive county staff makes Todd a vital asset to Post 2 and all of Paulding County.

“It’s an honor and a privilege that voters have placed their trust in me to represent them.  I never take that for granted, and always do my best to represent the citizens of Post 2 and others throughout Paulding County.”

Commissioner Pownall truly loves Paulding County, and has a very special relationship with Post 2.  Since 2011, he has spearheaded projects to enhance the safety and quality of life for those living in his post.  He also recognizes the necessity to address the fundamental needs of Paulding County first, so that the county can grow sensibly.  He, along with the help of fellow commissioners, has brought many important and essential county projects to fruition.

“County projects I’m most proud of include Fire Station 14, and the beautiful, new Mulberry Rock Park in Post 2.  Residents of Post 2 deserve to have the amenities found in other areas of the county, which I’ll continue to strive for.  Other favorite projects I’ve worked hard to bring to completion or move along that serve all county residents are the new state of the art E-911 Center, Department of Drivers Services, Veterans Park in front of the Courthouse, which has 24 hour accessibility, and the upcoming reservoir and jail voters approved.  However, representing and serving the citizens goes beyond projects.  It includes standing with them and fighting for them when their rights and quality of life are in jeopardy.  That is why I continue to stand against commercialization, and why I fought to allow citizens’ voices to be heard at BOC Meetings, in addition to not having citizen speakers deleted from county videos.  And I’m also very proud of never missing a BOC Meeting since I was elected in 2011.  I’m thankful my family and health have allowed me to attend every meeting, so that I can stay on top of county business.”

If you have lived in Paulding County within the past four and a half years, you are aware of the proposed commercialization of the county’s general aviation airport, and the disputes it has caused among county officials, citizens, and in the courts.  Since the announcement of commercialization in October, 2013, Commissioner Pownall has stood firm in his unwavering opposition to unlawful backroom deals and those responsible for making them.  Protecting the citizens’ quality of life, tax dollars, and basic right to honest government have been paramount to Todd, and for that we thank him!

“The citizens of Paulding County were promised the airport would remain general aviation and never be commercialized.  I consider that to be a promise to people then, today, and for generations to come.  I will continue to stand by you and the promise, in order to protect the reasons you choose to live in Paulding County.”

Post 2 Commissioner, Todd Pownall has selflessly served us all for 7 years.  He has more than proven his dedication, commitment and determination to make Paulding County a wonderful place to live, work and play by serving with integrity, reliability and conviction that always puts the citizens first.  We ask that Todd be given the privilege of representing Post 2 for another term by giving him your vote.  There is still so much to be done in Paulding County.  Paulding needs the outstanding leadership, insights and fortitude of Todd Pownall to get the job done!

“I love Paulding County and all the citizens who live here.  If re-elected, my promise to everyone is to continue standing strong and being your voice in county affairs, regardless of challenges or obstacles.  I would greatly appreciate your vote in the May 22 nd Primary Election.  Thank you, Todd Pownall”

Proudly Submitted by Post 2 Supporters of Todd Pownall